Welcome to the Blog of Feministival, a non-profit do-it-yourself feminist festival which will take place in Istanbul, in June 2013.

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Where did this Bagyan Feministival idea come from?

If festivals are capable of creating an ambiance for gathering, creating, sharing and communicating for people who have concerns and things to say, why shouldn't it be organized for feminism? Why don't we also transform many political questions in our minds to creativity with merging different point of views while having fun? We hit the road aiming at recognizing various feelings and opinions, changing by touching upon each other and making it all of ours which seems to belong one's. What we expect is bringing out alternative suggestions to the relationships we establish with time, money, environment and our bodies, and following these suggestions altogether during three days. And also gathering our experiences of womanhood, bringing feminisms together that we believe are quite various in order to find out a chance, which will provide some space for our needs and daydreams. 

For whom is Bagyan Feministival?

We’re aware that it is not possible for the festival to satisfy everyone’s expectations. However, at this time we’re starting to share activities that each of us enjoy doing individually, or that feel excluded while doing them, the practices which some of us already have within daily routines or never had a chance to experience before through feminist basis. We are organizing Feministival for every bisexual, lesbian, transsexual woman and transsexual man. The subject of our festival is everyone who wants to question and experience life, work, sports, entertainment, action and body from the feminist perspective. 

Who is organizing Bagyan Feministival?

Both the people who work for the festival organization and others who volunteer to contribute to workshops are participating in the organization individually, not institutionally. We are a group of volunteers who could handle to stand together with our differences and achieve to highlight the productive and strengthening elements of these differences.  

Why Feministival?

We’re acting through deploying feminist principles and methods while organizing the festival. We have a work ethic, which rejects hierarchy and all sort of discrimination, and which embraces cooperation, active participation and nonviolent methods by providing everyone with equal opportunity to participate in decision-making mechanism without putting any pressure on each other. We aim at a kind of festival which questions, criticizes all sorts of power mechanisms engaged with each other such as patriarchy, sexism, militarism, capitalism, heterosexism, racism, nationalism and the hegemony of humans over nature and all other social power relations. Despite the prevalent opinion, we believe that feminism is enjoyable and strengthens us politically and emotionally while we’re having fun. Since the moment we have started the festival organization, the only thing that led us has been our experiences about being woman. Altogether, we reject the roles that we have been oppressed by and we believe cooperation through having fun will grow us. 

We are looking forward to see everyone…

Feministival, which we hope to be a new opportunity for our future practices and relations, will take place in various spots of Istanbul on April 9-10-11. You can check out http://bagyanfest.blogspot.com/ for detailed information and program. We're looking forward to seeing you all in the Feministival, which we wish to welcome every kind of criticism, disagreements and not to welcome any kind of domination and discrimination.

p.s If you are coming from outside of Istanbul, need a place to stay or someone to look after your children, please contact us through bagyanfest@gmail.com