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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feministival 4 is On Its Way!!!

Feministival, the festival where feminism meets the practice and embraces the everyday life is on its fourth year! Just like the previous years, this year we are in quest of 'doing' things, supporting our creations, producing, sharing, cooperating and having pleasure all together. Against the perfectionist and professionalizing masculine temporalities and profit hungry capitalist competition we are upholding an amateur spirit while giving heed to producing without consuming practices such as do-it-yourself as well as supporting creative ideas, never-heard-of poems, never-performed-musical compositions, unsent letters and uninscribed bodies. For a non-profit do-it-yourself Feministival:
-You can share your experiences and talents, organize or come up with ideas for workshops.
-You can offer technical support during the festival or cooperate.
-You can open your doors for the activites.
-You can accommodate those traveling from outside Istanbul at your place.

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