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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Self Portrait

Subjectivity, body, representation, and image have always been issues of various feminisms. Especially areas of autobiographical literature, image, and performance have been providing a ground for a lot of women and transgender individuals to destroy the stereotyped gender perception and roles, to create their own self-expressions, to tell their own stories. Besides self-representation, auto portrait can also be a tool for speaking about broader issues, the still images that we create might destroy our self image, transform it and might also open a gate to become someone else.

In this workshop, first we will briefly talk about the history of feminist auto-portrait and present different works and approaches. Later, we will think over various photography components and how we can use them for setting up our self-portraits. At the end of the workshop, after a few exercises we will enjoy by experimenting our auto-portraits with participants. At the second day, we will play and do post editing on our trials and enjoy with the process.

Would be great if you bring the objects, costumes, accessories that you would like to use in your auto-portraits. You can also bring your previous auto-portrait trials or the works that you like or find interesting. We can talk about them as well.

If you have a camera or tripod please bring them on too!!

Participants: 15

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