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Friday, April 27, 2012

Spoken Poetry Workshop

SPW, starting off from the spoken word/poetry trend flourished in 50’s’ America, will be a physical workshop aiming to examine the relationship between discourse and speech in daily life, in private realm and in public space as well as to bring out and enrich the various timbres of female voice. The participants are expected to bring a text (not necessarily poems) with which they have an emotional bond. They are advised not to consume coffee, tea, chocolate, bakery or dairy on the day of the workshop. There will be sound recording during the workshop. Moreover, on the second day the participants will prepare a brief performance to be presented on the festival party.

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  1. Many people avoid online poetry workshop because there is a popular idea that true poetry is dull, vague in its meaning and intended for an elite audience. LTC tutor Anita Dugat-Greene's recent workshop titled "Message in a Bottle: How to Read, Enjoy and Write about Poetry" sought to rid students of these assumptions.