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Friday, April 27, 2012

Strap-on / Harness Workshop

This workshop is created for us to make our own handmade strap-ons for using our dildos. First of all, we're gonna provide the necessary equipment by shopping the stuff with the feministival team. There are two different materials to make harness.. One of them is the tube of a bicycle tyre. (these can be used for making other toys such as whips) The other alternative is a hard knitted material which used in backpacks. And we'll need some combining materials like snap fasteners and plastik fasteners.. That's it!
If anyones prefers to use stitching method, they may bring their sewing machine and yarns. To decorate personally, you may bring your own belt-buckle etc.. Apart from those, we'll provide hammer, iron to pound, belt borer, scissors etc.  (it's recommended to bring your own hammer if you don't want to wait for others to finish) and the thing we'll produce in the end will be looking like this.

Participants: 12

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