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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dream Matrix Workshop

This is what happens during the social dreaming matrix: someone starts the matrix by
telling a dream she saw, and through free association someone else from the group
tells her dream that was reminded to her by the previous dream that was told, and this
continues for a while.

To persist and to create an alternative to the system that aims at creating profit-oriented,
purpose-oriented and self-oriented minds, social dreaming matrix aims at rereading
dreams as social experiences and informations networks and use them to uncover
the consciously repressed connections between experiences. here, what is significant
is not to reveal which person saw which dream; although dreams are traditionally
taught to be individual experiences, they can as well be regarded as the perceptions of
social interactions. therefore, for the social dreaming matrix, what is significant is the
communication, similarities and repetitions between dreams. while the patriarchal/capitalist
system determines and dictates which information and which methods of distribution of
this information is legitimate, it is upto the dear mind of feminism to arouse the repressions
through alternative methods! come and bring your dreams with you to this workshop!

Participants: 15

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