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Friday, April 27, 2012

Modify Costume Workshop

Let‘s bring old or clothes that are not in use anymore or clothes we are fed up with. Let’s try to find different ways of using one cloth and give it a different and new meaning. Or let’s just pimp up the old versions! Let‘s share information and ideas on working with clothes and lets support each other by doing this!
For the sewing we have one ‘normal’ sewing machine and one ‘overlock’. So of course let’s share our teknik skills!

What to bring?
-    Lets collect old or clothes that are not used anymore!
-    Lets bring all sorts of textiles, buttons, elastic band, glue, wool, wire, tires, cable, old umbrellas, and all we can think of!
-    We can use the clothes from the garage sale that were not sold!
-    We can collect material from garbage that can be useful for this workshop (I just found a hoop skirt... and got very happy about this... so I would say the workshop preparation has started!)

Lets get ready for crazy funny modifying experiences together!!! I’m looking forward!

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