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Friday, April 27, 2012

Naked drawing workshop

This workshop was thought as a silent naked drawing workshop, in the sense that we would all get naked and draw each other... This was the original idea, but it is not demanding that everyone takes their clothes off. There will be nudity, so if you are not comfortable with that it is your choice to join or not. Who wants to be naked can feel free to do so. Who doesn't want to be naked should also feel free to come! You can also be naked and leave just a scarf, a hat or any thing you want on...

We will start with an introduction about some notions of perspective, how to take measures with your eyes and pencil, how to know that the drawing will fit the page, how to choose colors, etc.
Before drawing we will do a short warm up session with some stretching exercises. Also to warm up we will draw... We are going to start with 3 drawings of 10 minutes each. We all have different rhythms, so these first drawings intend that each of us get to know our own drawing process, how long do we need for the outlines, how long do we need to perceive what we are drawing. After, we should find a position which is comfortable to do as less movement possible, and make 2 more drawings of 30 minutes each :) here we will have time to experiment detail and color.

We will give you paper and pencils, you should just bring some colors and a thick pen. Also, it would be great if everyone could bring a small pillow and a small blanket so we can cover the floor and be as comfortable as possible.

The workshop has some rules. During the drawing periods there should be silence, and most important: there is so space for jokes neither harassments!
We can have small breaks during the workshop but it would be great if we could start on time. In order to have privacy and concentration, the door will be closed as soon as we start warming up.

Participants: 18

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