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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drag King

A Workshop on the Experience of Masculinity
An acting, sharing and movement workshop based on social gender roles.

As the awareness of the fact that we experience our everyday lives within the confines of a “state of womanhood” defined by society and our criticisms on these get enriched by the books that we read, the movies that we see; we start to think about these states of womanhood. We sometimes conform to the framework of femininity that our society and other societies create, sometimes rise against them.

Does a body which practically gets out of gender roles, out of self-inflicted norms -albeit just for a day- become free, does the soul become free?

Would you like to distort our gender constructed through the costume and body language in order to try the 'other' alternative, to make discoveries on the road and to share them?

Would you like to take part in a 5-hour workshop to discuss our gender-related experiences and to transgress the limits that we set in our gender roles with breast binding, men's clothes, facial hair, movement for theater and pass that day as 'men' emerging from ourselves?

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