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Thursday, April 28, 2011


In Motion Workshop activity, we are aiming to improve a new kind of awareness towards our own bodies, and by moving, we are also aiming to get rid of the bodily symptoms that we are accustomed to use in our daily lives. We would like to widen our discussion opportunities. To look for some other ways not only by talking but also moving, discussing, sharing and differentiating. It is all about not restricting our existence to the mind-centered system of thought, but to incorporate our body movement to our existence struggle.
In Motion Workshop activities, we mainly use “Movement Mode” method. This methods key is based upon the thought that every movement and every sound has a ‘mode’. In order to specify that mode, the common variables of the sound and movement are scaled. For example, while we are moving, we change the movement’s speed, fluidity and repeatability, and while we are singing a song all together, we try to sing it slower or faster, higher or lower. When we move with the “Movement Mode” method, we not only create a space to move in common, but it also creates diversity for everybody and their own individual movement courses. We hope to share this experience with you in Bagyanfest...

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