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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Up to: 15 (can be more according to space and facilities we have)
Place: Somewhere we can have daylight or a couple of strong light sources, desks to work on.
Duration: 3 hours or more (can be two following sessions)
Props: Please bring magnifiers. Colorful permanent markers (the ones used to write on Cds are ok), indian ink, any transparent paints (like the ones used to dye glass) are also appreciated.
Ps. If you are highly allergic to chemicals like liquid bleachers, etc. this workshop may not be a good idea for you.
"Reality" [on the screen] comes from behind the spectator's head and if he looked at it directly he would see nothing except the moving beams from an already veiled light source.” Jean-Louis Baudry
Mainstream cinema has always focused on telling stories disregarding the fact that the material for the film is actually a combination of plastic and chemicals reflected from a projector. In this workshop, we will first talk about the representation of reality on the screen, and we speculate about how the mainstream cinema would be, if it had gone more towards to the field of plastic arts than literature. At the end of our discussions, we will be using super- 8mm film footage and deconstruct the image physically by simply scratching, coloring or erasing the image on the film. Later, we will project what we create and digitize it by our own means. We will have a “brand new” film.

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